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handmade ceramics and pottery workshops

ceramics studio Antwerp

The ethos ceramics studio is located at:
Ruggeveldlaan 493
2100 Antwerpen (Deurne)


In addition to making my own ceramics, I also teach workshops and individual pottery lessons.
Atmosphere and conviviality are paramount and there are courses for every level. For an overview of available workshops, see our workshops page.

about my ceramics

Each item is carefully handmade in my studio in Antwerp (Belgium). The majority of my collection is individually crafted on the potter's wheel, a technique I also teach in my workshops. Some pieces are made by hand from slabs of clay.
After a certain drying period, the clay reaches the 'leather hard' phase. In this phase the items are trimmed and refined.
The next step is 'bisque firing', where the items are fired for the first time to a temperature of approximately 950°C.
The pots are then prepared for the glazing process. I make all the glazes myself, with carefully composed and perfected recipes from raw materials.
Once glazed, the items must dry to allow the moisture from the glaze to evaporate. They are then fired again, this time at a temperature of 1220°C, to sinter the clay and melt the glaze.
Finally, they undergo strict quality control and sharp edges or irregularities are removed from the foot.
The end result is a unique, high-quality product that will last a lifetime. Experience the joy of pottery for yourself by participating in one of our workshops, with a focus on throwing on the potter's wheel!

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📣 Liefhebbers van unieke keramiek, opgelet! Je kan momenteel enkel workshops en cadeaubon kopen in de webshop omdat we druk bezig zijn met het creëren van de gloednieuwe collectie.