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handmade stoneware ceramics and pottery workshops

ceramic studio antwerp

The studio of ethos ceramics is located at:
Ruggeveldlaan 493
2100 Antwerp (Deurne)


Apart from creating my own ceramic items I also provide workshops and individual pottery lessons.
Atmosphere and conviviality are paramount and there are courses for every level.
For an overview of available workshops please have a look at our workshops page.

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about my ceramic products

All items are entirely handmade in my studio. Most pieces are individually thrown on the pottery wheel while some are hand built from slabs of clay.
After some drying time the clay becomes ‘leatherhard’ at which point the items are trimmed and refined before they are allowed to dry further.
When completely dry they are fired a first time to about 950°C (1740°F) in what is called the ‘bisque’ firing.
After this, the pot is prepared for glazing. All glazes are developed and perfected by myself and are made from raw materials.
Once glazed the pots need to dry once more until the moisture from the glaze is evaporated.
The next step is the glaze firing at 1250°C (2282°F) to sinter the clay and melt the glaze.
Last but not least is quality control and sanding the foot to remove sharp edges or irregularities.
The result is an exclusive premium quality product that can last a lifetime.


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