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This lidded pot is hand thrown in white stoneware clay. Covered with a coat of iceberg glaze and fired to 1245°C.



  • Height: 11cm
  • Width bottom: 11cm
  • Width top: 8 cm


Our patina glaze is a bright green with tints of granny smith and juniper. Where it’s applied thin it becomes translucent and because of the white clay underneath it will show a bit more brown like olive.

These items are fired twice. The first time is called the bisque firing which turns the clay into ceramic at 950°C. After the bisque firing the items are glazed and fired again to 1245°C which vitrifies the clay and melts the glaze ingredients to give the item extra strength and protection.


All our pottery is handmade. As a result the actual items you will receive will be slightly different. There may be slight deviations in form and or color due to the multi-step process that ultimately makes each item unique.

As a maker I embrace this uniqueness rather than deliberately trying to make each item as identical as possible. If you are not comfortable with this, I suggest looking at our WYSIWYG items. They are “ what you see is what you get “ so you’ll know you get exactly what is shown in the pictures.

These items are food safe and dishwasher safe. It should be noted however that a dishwasher is a harsh environment so handwashing is still the best option.


This item is in the WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) category. This means the item that is displayed is the actual item that will be shipped to you.

Weight520 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 cm