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basic pottery course

This course is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of wheelthrowing and ceramics. In this course, you will learn how to use a pottery wheel, how to prepare clay, and how to create basic forms. This is a great way to get started in ceramics and to learn the skills you need to create beautiful and unique pieces.

workshop details

In this 10 hour pottery course you’ll learn the basics of throwing on the wheel.

The course is split up into four sessions lasting three hours.

  1. Introduction
    • clay preparation
    • centering
    • throwing cilinders
  2. Throwing
    • continuation of previous session
    • throwing your favorite pieces
  3. Trimming
    • prepare your pottery for its first firing
    • adding a handle
  4. Glazing
    • prepare your bisqued pots for glazing
    • glazing your pots

what is included ?

  • use of the studio and all equipment for the duration of the workshop
  • clay at will
  • firing your creations – 1kg included (extra at 10€/kg)
  • glaze
  • coffee, tea, water

After completion of this workshop you’ll be eligible for our open studio program. More info will be provided during the training.

some tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty. The clay we use usually doesn’t leave stains after machine washing but you never know.
  • Make sure to bring a towel. An apron can also be handy to keep your clothes clean.
  • Pottery is about working with your hands. Long nails (especially the more exotic nail extensions) are likely to cause frustration so it’s best to keep your nails short.
  • Keep your expectations low. It’s impossible to finish a tableware set for six people during the workshop. We advice people to focus on having fun and getting to grips with the basics of wheel throwing and see your creations as a plus.

additional information:

  • Workshops are organized in groups of six people. This way there is sufficient time to provide some individual assistance for everyone. If you prefer to have one on one tutoring however, this is not the right course for you. We do offer private sessions for that.
  • Once you successfully complete your purchase you are entitled to a place in that specific workshop.
    • Canceling and rescheduling workshops is subject to an administration fee of 30€. You can always transfer your workshop to someone else free of charge.
    • If we are forced to reschedule a session or workshop due to unforeseeable circumstances there is no administration fee. If a workshop is cancelled you can opt for a payment return or reschedule free of charge.
    • Missed sessions irrespective of the reason (illness, personal issues, negligence, …) can’t be moved or caught up. We understand this is painfull but it’s practically impossible to achieve.
  • If you would like to book a workshop for someone else e.g. as a gift, please provide them with the order number.