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about me

Hi, I’m Kristof Van de Reck. I’m not sure how it happened, but somewhere around late 2020, I became interested in ceramics and decided I wanted to work with clay. The reasonable thing to do was to take an introductory course to see whether it’s something I’d enjoy. Unfortunately, because to Covid-19, I was unable to join in an introduction to throwing lesson until June 2021.
Obviously, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love it, but I instantly felt a connection with the clay and realized I wanted to pursue pottery more seriously.
The following step was quite obvious to me. I purchased a pottery wheel and a kiln and transformed our attic into a tiny pottery studio.

about ethos ceramics

Ethos means “custom” or “character” in Greek. As originally used by Aristotle, it referred to a man’s character or personality.
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My goal is to produce items that, due to their uniqueness and character, assist you in making special occasions just a little bit more memorable.
Whether it’s something as simple as having a cup of coffee or something more significant like offering your favorite dish on a family member’s birthday. Perhaps you’d want to put your favorite plant in a handcrafted pot to make it stand out even more.
The items I produce will hopefully add a little additional character to ordinary occasions.
I strive to make the ceramics as simple as possible, with no frills or needless ornamentation. This is part of the design, as is the foot, which should elevate the item and provide a sense of weightlessness.